Two safety precautions that should be taken when making bronze castings in a manufacturing facility

4 June 2018
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There are a number of safety precautions that should be taken when making bronze castings in a manufacturing facility. Read on to find out what these precautions are. Minimise the inhalation of potentially harmful particles Bronze is a copper alloy; as such, whilst copper serves as the main component of virtually all bronze products, they may also contain other metals, such as manganese, aluminium and tin. When a bronze casting is being sculpted, cut or engraved with powerful machinery in a manufacturing facility, there is a risk that some of the other metal particles within the casting may become airborne. Read More 

Choose a Powder Coating Finish for Your Products

24 January 2018
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What final coating do you apply to your products? Whether you are working in the automotive industry, furniture production, or IT, almost every product is finished by applying a final layer to the surface. Paint is an obvious example of a surface coating, but is it really the best option? Choosing powder coating as the finishing layer on your products can offer you much greater control over production and provide you with a product that has a longer service life. Read More 

Liquid Paint Vs. Powdercoating

2 October 2017
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If you need to apply a finish to the goods produced in your manufacturing plant, you may be trying to decide between using liquid paint or a powdercoating. Although liquid paint has traditionally been sprayed onto products to create the desired finish, in recent years, powder coating has become increasingly popular. The powder is made using a mix of coloured pigments and a fine resin. When the powder is applied to a metal surface the particles in the powder are electrostatically charged, this charge bonds the powder to the surface. Read More 

How to Make a Rocket from Recycled Plastic Bottles

25 January 2017
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The latest craze sweeping school yards are plastic bottle rockets. These rockets can really fly and are often used by teachers for science projects. So, how do you go about making a rocket from recycled plastic bottles? Here's how. What you will need 3 large plastic bottles craft knife 1 sheet of foam core epoxy glue marker pens shipping tape spray paint How to do it Remove all labels from the bottles, if necessary. Read More 

Plastic Packaging Manufacturer: Choosing the Best Company

7 December 2016
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Running a business entails making various decisions such as which plastic packaging manufacturer to hire. Plastic packaging often provides two essential functions which are the packaging of goods and carrying a business's brand. Thus, it is essential to pick a manufacturing firm that understands the right impact that packaging should have on consumers. Just like there are different packaging containers, manufacturing companies are just as diverse. When selecting a company, be sure to go for one that has a broad understanding of making high-quality packaging products that consumers can appreciate. Read More