Unique Corporate Trophy Ideas You Can Buy Online

30 June 2015
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If you are the owner of a business, or you are the office manager who is in charge of selecting trophies to hand out to workers who have achieved specific goals or are outstanding at their job, you have a lot of choices. To help you out, here are some unique trophies you can order online that are more distinct and creative than the standard trophies that most companies give to their workers. Read More 

How to fly the Australian flag with business etiquette

26 May 2015
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The Australian flag is a classic symbol that can be put to good use for many a merry occasions. It can contribute a sense of pride and unity to ceremonies and celebrations, and be used for commercial purposes in the business realm too. But the national flag needs to be used with care and treated with respect. An innocent misuse of the flag could cause offence and even discredit your business or organisation. Read More 

5 Ways You Can Integrate Laser Cutting into Your Wedding

29 April 2015
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Popular in commercial and manufacturing sectors, laser cutting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for creating unique, customisable stationary and decorations. Using computer technology, your design can be etched onto wood or cut out of a variety of mediums, producing a dynamic, intricate and precise result. If you're looking to set your wedding apart from the rest, laser cut stationary and decorative pieces might be the answer. Look at some of the different ways that you can integrate laser cutting into your wedding. Read More 

How to Choose the Best Method of Steel Fabrication for Manufacturing or Construction

28 April 2015
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Steel is commonly used in many areas of manufacturing or construction, which means that anyone who oversees these processes will probably need to have pieces of steel fabricated in one way or another. If you own a manufacturing facility or construction company, you may wonder if it's worth the expense to invest in the machinery that fabricates steel to your specifications, or if you should send out these pieces to a machine shop as needed. Read More