5 Ways You Can Integrate Laser Cutting into Your Wedding

29 April 2015
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Popular in commercial and manufacturing sectors, laser cutting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for creating unique, customisable stationary and decorations. Using computer technology, your design can be etched onto wood or cut out of a variety of mediums, producing a dynamic, intricate and precise result.

If you're looking to set your wedding apart from the rest, laser cut stationary and decorative pieces might be the answer. Look at some of the different ways that you can integrate laser cutting into your wedding.


Your laser cut wedding invitation is only limited by your imagination and your budget. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • A written invitation wrapped in intricate laser cut lace
  • Laser engraved onto thin sheets of wood
  • Inkless invitations, with the text cut out of the paper before overlaid on contrast paper, photo or wood
  • Three-dimensional pop-up invitations housed in a beautiful box

Envelope seals

If your budget doesn't stretch to intricate custom designed invitations, laser cut envelope seals are a beautiful and cost-effective way to customise your wedding stationary. A design that reflects the personality of the bride and groom, or echoes the wedding theme is a stunning finishing touch on your invitations.

Programs and menus

A special way to create a distinctive yet functional keepsake, laser cut programs and menus turn practical elements of your wedding into works of art. Using laser engraved wooden menus mounted on small woodblocks is a stunning way to lay out a wedding table, acting as an extra decorative feature.

Table decorations

Wooden place cards and napkin holders laser cut and engraved is a highly personalised and sophisticated way to decorate your wedding tables. Go one step further and have laser cut wooden cake stands on your dessert table. Go another step, and adorn each wine glass with a delicate laser cut butterfly, or create a plate garden from 3-dimensional laser cut flowers.

Thank you cards

After your special day is over, and you're back from your unforgettable honeymoon, commemorate your wedding and guests by sending out unique laser cut thank you cards. Create a seamless theme by designing a stationary set at the very beginning of your wedding planning, with everything from your invitations to your thank you cards having a similar design flavour, such as using the same lace design for all laser cut elements.

Let your imagination run wild, and work with your laser cut specialist and designer to come up with a truly exceptional laser cut feature for your special day. Consult with companies like Hygrade Laser Profiling to learn more.