Unique Corporate Trophy Ideas You Can Buy Online

30 June 2015
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If you are the owner of a business, or you are the office manager who is in charge of selecting trophies to hand out to workers who have achieved specific goals or are outstanding at their job, you have a lot of choices. To help you out, here are some unique trophies you can order online that are more distinct and creative than the standard trophies that most companies give to their workers.

Curved, Beveled Glass Trophy -- This type of trophy is made of beveled glass cut from jade crystal that curves inward, giving the trophy a unique and non-traditional look that is eye catching. This type of trophy is freestanding, which means that it doesn't rest on a pedestal, so it will stand up on its own power on a flat surface. You can etch whatever message you want into this glass trophy, and you can also create unique designs and patterns in the glass. You can also customise the beveled glass by adding a frosting that makes the glass opaque.

Cultured Stone Trophy -- Cultured stone has the exact appearance of natural stone such as granite and marble, but it is composed of recycled stone and is much more affordable than natural stone. It is an example of an eco-friendly trophy that is becoming more popular as people endeavour to do more to protect the environment. One of the most unique cultured stone trophies is one that is cut from a slab of stone that is then etched with whatever award design, logo and lettering you want. For example, you can have bronze or copper lettering stamped onto the cultured stone to create a bas-relief effect in which the design and words project off the surface of the stone.

3D Lucite Trophy -- Lucite is a clear, solid plastic that is made from the same type of material that is used for Plexiglas. You can make a 3D lucite trophy in which the design, logo and graphics are layered or embedded between sheets of lucite, which results in a three-dimensional trophy that stands out from standard trophies. You can create a free standing trophy that rests flat on a surface, or you can have the trophy mounted on top of a base or pedestal made out of lucite or another type of material such as cultured stone, acrylic or metal to create a nice contrast between the base and the actual trophy.

For more ideas, start looking at online trophy retailers. You should be able to find the perfect trophies to represent the hard work of the people in  your office.