Dome Shelters: What They Are And Why You Need Them On Your Mining Site

14 November 2016
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The mining industry has unique needs when it comes to the construction of structures, be they work offices, workshops, processing areas or for other uses. The structures need to be highly flexible to the dynamic and harsh working conditions common in the sector. One such type of mining structure is dome shelters. Dome shelters are quite popular in the mining sector, so if you're looking for mining structures, your consideration should start here. Read on to see why.

What are dome shelters?

Dome shelters are dome-shaped structures built by carefully bringing together a number of materials. They are commonly built using used shipping containers, metal fabricated dome frames and a canopy covers. As you can see, the materials are few and simple, yet strong, and highly durable. Each dome varies from the other in terms of shape, height, and span. These details will, of course, depend on your particular needs.

Why a dome shelter?

Dome shelters are a favourite type of mining shelter for a number of reasons:

  1. They are easy to set up.  They require little labour; a crane is mostly used to mount the containers and the canopy frames. The process takes very little time and is often completed on the same day.
  2. It's a temporary structure. It can easily be dismantled, moved, and built on another site.
  3. It provides lots of space with lots of applications. Depending on the size of the canopy frame, a dome shelter can span over a large area, providing lots of usable space.
  4. Dome shelters are quite stable and secure. The containers provide robust walls and serve as anchor points for the canopy.  

Different applications of a dome shelter

As mentioned above, dome shelters are very flexible and versatile in their applications. They can be used for the following uses:

  • Recreational space to eat or relax in
  • Vehicle parking for staff transport or mining equipment
  • Vehicle and equipment workshop space
  • Living quarters for mining staff and/or support staff
  • Office space (in the containers)
  • Living amenities (in the containers)
  • Storage
  • Processing and manufacturing, e.g. analysing ore samples, sorting and sifting materials, etc

Different considerations to make when designing a dome shelter

  • No containers – side posts only (offers limited space).
  • One container tier - ideal for workshop applications (limited ground clearance).
  • Two container tiers or more - provides additional space for accommodation, office, storage, plus provides lots of vertical clearance for even the largest equipment.
  • Canopy: fabric (not waterproof), poly, PVC or canvas tarps (very strong and waterproof).

Needless to say, only use an experienced contractor to put up your dome shelters in order to ensure maximum safety and durability, as well as fast set-up times.