Liquid Paint Vs. Powdercoating

2 October 2017
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If you need to apply a finish to the goods produced in your manufacturing plant, you may be trying to decide between using liquid paint or a powdercoating. Although liquid paint has traditionally been sprayed onto products to create the desired finish, in recent years, powder coating has become increasingly popular. The powder is made using a mix of coloured pigments and a fine resin. When the powder is applied to a metal surface the particles in the powder are electrostatically charged, this charge bonds the powder to the surface. Heat is then applied so that the particles of powder join together, creating a great finish. Below is a guide to the benefits this technique offers when compared to using traditional liquid paint.

Powdercoating will create a tough finish

Traditional liquid paint will be liable to be damaged by scratches and chips once it dries. When paintwork becomes damaged, it can increase the chance that rust will form on the surface of the metal. However, the strong bonds formed between the particles of powdercoating will be resistant to damage and will not scratch or chip easily, helping to protect the metal surface.

Powdercoating is better for the environment

Many traditional paints can be highly toxic to human health and the natural environment. Powdercoating is non-toxic, which means it does not contain any compounds which could pose a risk to human health. Also, unlike tradition liquid paint, any excess powder which has been applied during the coating process can also be recycled.

Powder coating allows you to complete the job at speed

If you opt to use traditional paint, then you will need to apply a few coats of paint in order to achieve the finish you want. Once you have applied the first coat of spray paint, then you will need to wait until this layer has dried before you can respray the surface of the product. This makes spray painting a time-consuming job. However, if you choose to apply powder coating, then you will only need to apply one coat of paint in order to achieve a fantastic finish. This will cut down on your production cost and will allow you to get your products to your customers on schedule.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of powder coating, then you should contact a manufacturing specialist today for further advice, information and help.