Choose a Powder Coating Finish for Your Products

24 January 2018
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What final coating do you apply to your products? Whether you are working in the automotive industry, furniture production, or IT, almost every product is finished by applying a final layer to the surface. Paint is an obvious example of a surface coating, but is it really the best option? Choosing powder coating as the finishing layer on your products can offer you much greater control over production and provide you with a product that has a longer service life. Here are four reasons to choose a powder coating finish for your products.

Powder coating works on a large range of products

It doesn't matter whether you are building car parts, window frames, or a piece of IT equipment, it is possible to powder coat almost anything. There are some types of finish that only really work well on one type of surface, but with powder coating can be used with almost any surface, including glass and still produce a uniform, attractive result.

Powder coating can be applied quickly

Powder is supplied ready to use. It doesn't need to be mixed with anything, all you need to do is coat the item and pass it straight to the oven. Powder coating is also a solvent-free process so there is no delay to production during a 'flash off' period. Coating your products in this way will, therefore, be quicker than painting and will occupy less production space. Both of these facts will help to reduce your manufacturing costs as the process becomes more efficient.

Powder coating is less wasteful

One of the problems with coating solutions that involve solvents is the large amount of waste material that ends up being discharged into sludge tanks and requires disposal. Powder coating is more efficient, there are no solvents involved and very little material is wasted. Unused powder is not thrown away but can be retrieved and used again on the next batch of products.

Powder coating is safer

Many coating solutions require operators to wear protective equipment or take particular health and safety precautions to avoid developing health problems. Powder coating is a solvent-free process and less liable to cause throat or nose irritation to operators. Having healthier operators is better for employers as it reduces absence due to employee sickness and ensures that production targets are met.

Powder coating offers a better solution for your production company. It will provide a high quality of finish for your customers while lowering your production overheads and helping to keep your costs under control.