What Are the Benefits of Skid Pallets?

13 November 2020
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While all pallets can carry and store loads, they come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Traditional two-tier pallets are a popular solution; however, there are times when a skid pallet is a better choice. What is a skid pallet and what are its advantages?

What Is a Skid Pallet?

Traditional wooden pallets have two platform decks, one at the bottom and one at the top. These decks typically have open boards or slats across them. The pallets have gaps at the side to enable forklifts to pick them up. A skid pallet works in much the same way as a standard pallet. However, it looks more like a platform on runners or a sled than an enclosed box. It doesn't have a bottom deck; it just has a top one. This upper deck sometimes contains slats but is also often a solid surface.

What Are the Advantages of Skid Pallets?

Skid pallets have a couple of cost benefits that could reduce your overheads. These products use fewer materials than regular two-tier pallets, so your purchasing costs might be lower. They are also lighter because they don't have a base deck. This can make a difference if you pay to ship pallet blocks by weight. Apart from cost benefits, skid pallets come into their own in certain situations. For example, they create solid platforms for items that need something to stand on, either temporarily or permanently.

Also, if you drag or push pallets from place to place rather than lift them, then skid pallets are easier to move. If you drag or push a regular pallet, then its base deck creates friction as it runs along the floor. This makes it harder to move. You're also more likely to cause damage to a surface or even to the pallet itself. If you drag or push a skid pallet, then you don't have a base deck to worry about. The runners on the sides of the pallet also help make it move more smoothly and easily.

Keep in mind that skid pallets take up less room when you aren't using them. If you can nest the pallets, they slot together rather than stack up. They don't need as much storage space as standard pallets.

To find out more about skids and their benefits, contact a pallet supplier or manufacturer. They can give you advice on whether this would be the best way to move or store your pallet loads.